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You may also start reading through other more specific resources you have found.

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Remember to keep track of your a2 film studies coursework catalogue with the research log sheet. So your first question should be something like: Use the schedule and break the research into manageable chunks — only read one or two sources a day. Top tips for speed reading: Read the first paragraph and last paragraph of College essay title page format sub section.

Development of genre markers and influence of Burton is clear.

Useful, but could have easily been one of several other a2 films studies coursework catalogue in this place. The Craft Andrew Flemming: This is the a2 film studies coursework catalogue that was the turning point for the genre, where it suddenly not only got mainstream acceptance but also spawned similar films.

Very much a teen movie, this shows the changing focus towards a new audience. This was a very good piece of research, as it not only told the review my writing of making the film but also gave a broad overview of what makes a gothic film.

This is possibly the most useful piece in the catalogue. Detailed information on all of his films, and on the thoughts behind them, this led me to some of the other material in the Catalogue and some deselected from it. Could not miss being included.

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This was the best of the Tim Burton related a2 films studies coursework catalogue, as it seemed authoritative and was also recommended by many other sources. I thought this was really important to ensure a connection is made between the pair right from the beginning of my film. This is also important as I did O que posso colocar como objetivo num curriculum vitae this as if it would be a very long film, and it is important that the viewer would grasp the relationship and the chemistry between Max and Renee right from the very beginning.

I think this has been achieved successfully as the scene and the language used function to set up their characters extremely well. My mise-en-scene is used in the correct best girlfriend essay also helps create a persona for Renee, and really helps to symbolise what her character represents.

  • In scene three I focussed upon the mise en-scene.
  • This is a vital part of my research, as it gives many important details into the specific work that went into the film that I could not find elsewhere.
  • Mina Dream, Available at:
  • Another question that was asked was about all the male twisted characters that are featured in his films and if he would use a twisted female character and Christopher Nolan replied that in Inception Marion Cotillard plays an extremely complicated individual and gives a fascinating performance showing that the theme is not only in the male characters but has started to be portrayed in the female characters also.
  • Use the schedule and break the research into manageable chunks — only read one or two sources a day.

I think that it contributed to presenting the character in such a feminine way, and by describing things such as the clutter of her house in so much detail, I think this helped to show how I envisaged the character of Renee to be, and how catastrophic and energetic her life could be.

Overall I a2 film studies coursework catalogue I succeeded in creating a detailed yet fluid screenplay. Despite there being a few things I could have perhaps improved on, overall I am happy with how my screenplay has turned out.

Use it as a guide to the way your own script should be submitted. Does this make Haneke an auteur? Image of Michael Haneke Item 16 Speaker: Michael Haneke is an Austrian filmmaker, and has made many films in the languages of English, German and French. Anyone watching Haneke films will recognize a similarity in his dark, disturbing style and his strong use of dysfunctional families as well as his tendency to shock and confuse the audience with ambiguous narrative.

Annotated Catalogue

I believe that these things, which I a2 film studies coursework catalogue explain in more detail later, make Haneke an auteur. Trailer of Funny Games — 2m 17s Item 19 Speaker: Haneke remade Funny Games to make it identical to the original with the blog.mindo-consultants.com particular cinematic techniques I intend to utilise.

I was also heavily influenced by more mainstream directors such as Nick Park; the a2 film studies coursework catalogue of Wallace and Gromit Aardman animations. These films inspired me due to blog.mindo-consultants.com in the underworld Hell. When planning out my film, I decided to make animated mythical creatures out of plasticine, I did this because I wanted to create unique characters, such as Morph.

I created models of mermaids, a unicorn, a Minotaur and a Cyclops because these creatures are taken from a2 films studies coursework catalogue and legends and are regular features of fantasy films. In the unicorn world I decided to integrate moral and philosophical meaning into it, because God and religion can also be seen as a myth to people, because religion is like a story passed down to generations, just like a myth; The binary oppositions of the unicorn world, which is set in a2 film studies coursework catalogue and the clouds, to best dissertation writing mermaid world, which can be seen as the centre Earthand then the Minotaur world which is seen as underworld Hellshows the desire for temptation.

Use it as a guide to the way your own catalogue should be submitted. It also looks at his other auteur themes such as moral ambiguity, the characters and composers he uses and psychology.

This film also explores the a2 film studies coursework catalogue between Chris Nolan and the genre of Crime films that has established his idiosyncratic style. beyonce thesis titles 2 Batman Begins – I chose this as my second film to look at as the theme I am looking at is explored in this film.

The male character is also flawed with his emotional life as well as his fears.


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